TrackToys Resto/Mod

We love a good project here at TrackToys - especially a good restomod.  From a bare shell Porsche 911 backdate with modern electronics to a complete rework of a BMW E36 race car - the possibilities are endless.

We are often asked the difference between restoration and restomod.  There are some distinct differences, and your approach should depend on your intended outcome.  True restoration refers to taking a car and rejuvenating it with all original factory parts to bring it back to "showroom" condition the day it left the factory.

This will include not only bodywork and interior trim, but also stretches to the unseen items such as suspension and brakes etc, right down to the finer points like spot weld locations.  Generally, the closer you come to achieving 100% original, the closer you come to achieving maximum market value should you wish to sell.  

A restomod is a combination of restoration and modification - or giving your car a refresh with a modern twist.  There are no hard and fast rules to stick to, and it goes beyond just modification and project dependant, can sometimes be done in stages.  Your project gets the same love, care and attention to detail as a restoration but we are able to drop in some upgrades along the way.

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